OWNER Jr Minnow Blue Gill (BG) 4.5" SoftBaits 7 Pack Tasty Scent JRM-113-11 5591

JR Minnow is a fluke type bait that can be fished several different ways. Rigged on the JigRig, the JR Minnow acts as a foraging baitfish near the bottom. The JigRig can be dragged, bounced, and skipped along the bottom to produce tantalizing action from the JR Minnow. Rigged on a Rig'n Hook or other similar wide-gap offset worm hook, the JR Minnow will swim subtly side-to-side with a slow retrieve. With big rod twitches the bait will dart side to side like traditional flukes. includes Tasty Scent

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More stuff for sale at www.imadm.com

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