NEW BOX Wolferman's Muffin Master English Muffin Breaker Splitter Splitting Tool

Excellent kitchen tool for English muffin lovers - this gadget makes splitting English muffins masterful. Just slip the muffin onto the metal tines and then lift the separating handles to easily and accurately split the muffin.

FRONT box/package info:
A Tradition of Fine Food Since 1888
The perfect tool to split and prepare our marvelous English Muffins
Muffin Master
English Muffin Splitting Tool

BACK box/package info:
Crisp linens, a fresh flower, a sunny table in a cozy nook...and fresh-from-the-oven Wolferman's English Muffins sporting real creamery butter...You know that doing something worth doing is worth doing right.

That's why we designed the perfect tool to split and prepare our marvelous English Muffin for your favorite tempting topping.

True aficionados of the English Muffin know that the magic of the muffin is its unique texture that absorbs and cradles butter and jam.  They also know that the only way to split an English Muffin is to break it open rather than to slice it, to take total advantage of the textural quality of the bread. The Wolferman's English Muffin Master makes short work of a task well worth it, to make those stolen moments for tasty repast just as special as can be. Discriminating friends will appreciate this clever tool as much as you will!

1. Wash tines with soap and water before initial use.
2. Insert tines into English Muffin, going all the way through muffin. Slowly pull handles apart.
3. Splits evenly in two, every time!