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Head Gloves Digital Sport Athletic Hiking Bike Running Touch Screen Fleece L LG

NEW! Stay connected on the go with these hiking, running, cycling, all-purpose athletic gloves featuring Sensatec¨ technology that enables ease of use touch screen functionality. The four-way stretch fleece, combined with a dual layered stretch cuff, provides superior fit and comfort with maximal dexterity. The synthetic palm design, enhanced with extra grippy silicon rubber, secures phones or other touch screen devices while being held.

These are great for the outdoors at above-freezing temperatures. I bicycle with fleece gloves in SoCal winters and these are perfect! I tried finding a cycling-brand glove but anything at this price was just knit stuff you could get at Walmart for a couple bucks or really expensive $25+ gloves that were either over-priced because of the brand name or over-featured. I found these and they are better than any fleece glove I've used before with the bonus touch screen and grippy features. I liked 'em so much I bought in bulk and am selling extras to my outdoor sporting brethren who want a great value.



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