CENTRIOS 18-Function Heart Rate Monitor / Pulse Computer - Watch Style w Chest Strap and Bike Mount. Similar to Polar, Sigma, Garmin, and other brands.

Functions include:
current heart rate (ECG measurement), preset maximum heart rate (MHR) by age, % of MHR, clock, 12/24 hour selectable, auto exercise timer, auto timer reset, manual timer reset, programmable high-low target zone, higher zone alarm selectable, target zone re-chekable, audible alarms for target zone, hazard warning alarm for MHR, 3 different audible alarms (high/low/MHR), alarm sound on/off, backlight display, calorie, key tones

I got this as a gift and used it a couple of times and it worked great. But I'm just not a heart rate monitor kind of guy. I do my training old school, definitely without a HRM or power meter, and mostly by measuring my training in miles covered, saddle time, bottles drank, and sweat dropped. Which probably explains why everyone is getting faster and I'm just getting older. But I've digressed.

This was used 2-3 times. It's in excellent condition. Just before this listing, I tested it and it's 100% working. I just put a new Energizer battery in chest strap / transmitter. That's actually a nice feature - that you can replace the battery (an A23 12v) - because even longer ago I had a Polar HRM with a sealed chest strap that was useless once the battery inside died.


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