BH G6 Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frameset 2013 54cm SMALL Black Blue White Frame Fork!

The new G6 is a 100% handmade carbon aero road frame designed around the BB386EVO bottom bracket system and deeper aero tube sections for increased frame stiffness and efficiency.

Inspired by the success of the G5, advanced by new carbon technology, and designed to redefine the Aero Road category, the G6 is truly an all new road experience.

1. A completely new and lighter frame
From the first turn of the pedal, the all new G6 makes clear the advantages this unique Aero design offers its pilot. Designed for racing, the G6 clearly displays how details both large and small are important at the highest level of competition. The G6 was designed to maximize the riders power output by increasing the lateral stiffness of the frame from front to back.
2. Hollow Core Internal Molding Technology
We build bicycles from the inside out. The G6 is a 100% carbon frame from front to back. Similar to the Ultralight frame, it has been manufactured using our Hollow Core Internal Molding Technology. The result, a highly controlled carbon structure with a superior performance-to-weight ratio. The advanced carbon technology and unique lay-up designs used in the development of the G6 are the result of countless hours of design, development, testing and a relentless pursuit for perfection. Our innovative technologies and years of development experience allow BH to truly develop frames that lead the industry.

A proprietary F1 blend of carbon composite materials are used to achieve the desirable ride qualities that BH is synonymous with. These specific materials are CNC cut, kitted, and molded to precise tolerances to ensure each BH frame delivers the exact ride quality intended. The formula 1 driven aerodynamic tube sections of the new G6 are designed to increase rider efficiency. This was achieved by optimizing airflow over key sections of the frame while increasing the lateral stiffness of these same tubes to deliver superior power transfer.

3. 1.5 Integrated Headset
The 1.5 tapered headtube includes full carbon molded bearing races that simplifies the headtube assembly and allows for a frame with exceptional torsional stiffness and superior handling characteristic. The cross sectional area of the headtube has been reduced by nearly 20% resulting in reduced air resistance and greater efficiency.

4. The most aerodynamic fork
The new G6 aero fork is molded as a single carbon body complete with integrated lower bearing race. This new BH fork design nests in the upper portion of the downtube to provide superior airflow from fork to frame. Without a doubt this is the most aerodynamic fork every produced by BH.
5. Oversized bottom bracket
The G6 oversized bottom bracket takes full advantage of the BB386EVO system allowing for greater torsional frame stiffness and cycling efficiency. The 86.5mm bottom bracket width is ideally suited for accommodating even the widest wheel on the market while not having to make any compromises on lateral frame stiffness.

6. Internally Routed Cable Guide System
The new BH internally routed cable guide system was specifically designed to accommodate both both electric and mechanical shifting systems.
7. BH Geometry
Superior Handling
The new G6 frame design benefits from the same compact frame geometry as the G5. Responsive acceleration, precise handling, confidence inspiring, and the perfect fit all describe the geometry of our G6 model.

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